Tax Services

At Seth A. Field Tax & Accounting, LLC, we offer a broad spectrum of comprehensive and thorough year-round tax assistance for individuals and businesses, from managing sales tax compliance to business and estate tax planning to the preparation of personal and corporate returns to effective representation before taxation authorities. We take an active approach to all aspects of taxation –our seasoned staff monitors compliance to avoid surprises at tax time, and stays current with changes in tax law to identify the tax planning implications, allowing us to proactively apply updated strategies to minimize our clients’ tax liability and maximize their financial growth.

Expert Tax Preparation

Preparing your own tax return can be confusing, frustrating, and costly, as constantly-changing tax laws can perplex even the savviest taxpayer, and money-saving deductions and credits can easily be overlooked. An experienced tax professional can save time, stress, and money…that’s why a study released by the US government last year revealed that most taxpayers feel they benefit from using a professional tax preparer. At Seth A. Field Tax & Accounting, LLC, our tax experts put their knowledge and experience to work for you - they know the tax code and constantly study changes in tax policy to understand how those changes affect you, and they will accurately prepare your return to take advantage of all of the deductions and credits to which you are entitled.

Comprehensive Tax Advice

Every financial decision you make, whether in your personal life or for your business, can have tax implications. At Seth A. Field Tax & Accounting, LLC, we believe that providing effective tax services goes beyond simple tax return preparation to comprehensive tax planning, to help you assess and manage the impact your financial decisions have on your taxes and your larger financial picture. Our tax professionals not only accurately prepare returns for all types of entities, including individuals, corporations, partnerships, trusts, estates, and not-for-profit organizations, but, as your trusted advisor, we can assess the tax implications of your financial decisions, formulate a tax strategy to minimize your liability, and proactively monitor significant changes to both tax law and to your finances to help you stay on track.

Corporate Taxes

At Seth A. Field Tax & Accounting, LLC, careful tax planning is an essential step in the preparation of our corporate and business clients’ income taxes, and we strive to minimize your tax liability to improve your profitability. Whether you are a large firm or small, established business or start-up venture, we have the knowledge and experience to offer expert tax preparation services and to help you to find the best possible strategies for reducing your tax liability within the limits of the law.

Small Business Tax Specialists

At Seth A. Field Tax & Accounting, LLC, we focus on meeting the special tax needs of small businesses, from planning to filing, from quarterly payroll and sales tax filings though year-end taxes. Our experts have the experience to help you navigate the often confusing small business tax landscape, and the knowledge to guide you to take advantage of the most current developments in the tax laws to develop an overall tax strategy to help you minimize your tax liability.

Unified Tax Approach

At Seth A. Field Tax & Accounting, LLC, we take a holistic approach to tax services, providing both insightful tax planning and expert tax return preparation to a wide variety of clients. We specialize in providing coordinated business and personal tax services, with particular focus on privately-held, family-owned, and closely-held companies or trusts, and the individuals concerned with them. At Seth A. Field Tax & Accounting, LLC, we understand the dynamics of the closely-held or family-owned business and the relationship between the personal interests of the stakeholders and the overall interests of the business, recognizing that family-owned or closely-held business interests are typically highly integrated with the personal interests of the individual stakeholders. Our seasoned professionals are experienced not only in tax return preparation for family-owned or closely-held businesses or trusts, but also in formulating tax strategies that balance the business and personal tax needs of the owners and stakeholders.

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